Another excellent and very well attended carvery in the Garden Room at the Sefton Hotel.  The staff are always very helpful and keen to make sure the service is as quick and efficient as possible.  The raffle raised £220, so a big thank you for your support and also for prizes donated which are always gratefully received.  Unfortunately, Anne and Jim Cottier were unable to present their ‘Armchair Treasure Hunt’ but fortunately Barbara Cole, from Manx Wild Bird Aid, agreed to step-in at very short notice and gave an interesting and informative presentation on this particular charity.  

The Manx Wild Bird Aid was founded by Barbara and her husband David and grew out of their work in looking after both wild and pet birds.  They recruited volunteers to help and in 2017 became a registered charity.  In 2018 they helped more than 800 birds and built an additional 3 soft release aviaries to help the birds back into the wild.  All the volunteers give their time and commitment for free and just as an insight a nestling bird could require feeding every 35 to 45 minutes from 7:00am to 9:00pm depending on the breed and size of the bird.  The ultimate aim of the charity is to establish a purpose-built wild bird aid sanctuary on the Isle of Man.  Caring for our wildlife is of great benefit to all of us.  Anyone wishing to donate or learn more regarding volunteering can find more information on their website .


Barbara Mason



 Sue Stevens - £35.00   Diane Simmonds - £35.00   Sue Waring - £35.00


Remember you have to be in it to win it!  Contact the office on 817007 to join.


Beverley Rowlands - South

Brenda Curphey - North


Doesn’t time fly, it hardly seems like yesterday we had our 20th anniversary lunch and here we are planning for the 2018/19 AGM which will be held on Monday 8th April at the Manx Blind Welfare premises at Signpost  Corner in Onchan.  Tea/coffee and biscuits will be served at 10.00am with the meeting commencing at 10:30am.

As ever we will have a short review of the year, set the subscriptions for the forthcoming year and elect members of the MRA to the committee.  I will be talking about retiring Committee members at the AGM and I am aware we will have a number of vacancies this year.  If anyone is interested in helping the smooth running of the MRA please consider putting your name forward to join the committee. Remember it is YOUR association, run by and for members.  If you can help us, we would love to hear from you.  It is not too onerous a role, we meet roughly once every 2 months and we are a friendly bunch so if you can help in any way please let us know.

Finally, can I ask that anyone wishing to come to one of our excellent and enjoyable monthly lunches, please adhere to the deadline date on the sheet in the ‘Islander’. We have had a few late applications recently and whilst we have managed to fit most such requests in, it does cause a lot of work and rejigging of the table plan etc.  Your cooperation would be much appreciated.

 Howard Parkin


Onchan Methodist Hall was a perfect venue for the MRA beetle drive.  Seven tables were set up around the hall with four seats at each table.  Score sheets, free raffle tickets, pens, cup and dice were arranged on the top of each table.  

Members played in teams of two, the person sitting opposite being their team mate.  The dice was thrown to determine which team started.  The numbers on the dice were matched to the various parts of the beetle and a six for the body had to be thrown to start.  As soon as a beetle was completed the word BEETLE was shouted very clearly and everyone stopped playing immediately!  Each body part drawn was equal to one point and the score was written on the score sheet.  The winning team then moved in a clockwise direction and swapped team mates with the team on the next table.  

After twelve games everyone was ready for a refreshing cuppa and some homemade cake.  When all the scores were totalled the prize of a £10 Shoprite voucher was presented to the winner, Celia Marshall, with 123 points.

It was a very sociable and enjoyable afternoon.  Many thanks to everyone that helped to make it such a success.

 Barbara Mason